Unrefined Summary Edit

Basically for the tenth anniversary of the wiki next year I want to make a Decade-style series about traveling to AU versions of various series on the wiki

Mostly featured series of the year and filling in the gaps with series that aren't but were still popular or relevant back in the day

Instead of a "destroyer of worlds" thing like Decade the reason for traveling to these worlds would be to collect their respective hero's unique power to prepare for the final battle against the main villain of the series

By default the main character would just start off with only a few aliens and no special Omnitrix functions and gradually get more versatile abilities as he visits each dimension

Refined Summary Edit

Deka (working name) is a distant alternate version of Ben recruited by a mysterious benefactor to stop a mysterious villain from destroying the multiverse. To this end, Deka was given the Decatrix system (also a working name), a gun that functions both as an Omnitrix and as a way to move between universes. The Decatrix starts out with extremely limited functionality, so Deka must travel to the timelines of various heroes to gain their unique powers in order to stand a chance against the enemy waiting in the shadows.

Primary Series AUs Visited Edit

  1. Ben 10 Team Tennyson (First series on the wiki)
  2. Ben 10: Multi Trixes (Influential 2010 series)
  3. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX (Featured Series of 2011)
  4. Young Plumbers (Featured Series of 2012)
  5. Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse (Featured Series of 2013)
  6. Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution (Featured Series of 2014)
  7. Horizons (Featured Series of 2015)
  8. Tech 10: Star Spirit (Featured Series of 2016)
  9. Ben 10: Reboot Revolution (Featured Series of 2017)
  10. I guess whatever's featured for 2018 lmao

AU Aliens and Modes Edit

  1. Ben 10 Team Tennyson: Angelion. An Angel/Demon hybrid alien paying homage to Angel, the first alien on the wiki.
  2. Ben 10: Multi Trixes: Mana and Metal Gun Modes. The Mana Gun mode for the Decatrix allows it to fire bullets made of mana that can either hit or pass through anything the user wants them to. The Metal Gun mode allows the Decatrix to fire shotgun rounds instead of the standard laser beams.
  3. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX: MEGA Mode. MEGA Mode functions similarly to a Kaioken, increasing a given alien's power up to 10 times its original strength, at the cost of taking a toll on the user's body that scales to the amount their powers are enhanced.
  4. Young Plumbers: Prophecy Mode. Prophecy Mode is an enhancement for the Decatrix's gun mode, allowing it to automatically predict enemy movements and target accordingly, even if the person wielding the gun has no idea about the target beforehand
  5. Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse: Rollback. The alien all about deciding you're not happy with something and starting it all over again and over again and over again and
  6. Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution: Hack Mode. A gun mode allowing the Decatrix to hack into any electronic system and manipulate it to the user's advantage.
  7. Horizons: Erasure. An alien with the ability to erase chunks of time and space.
  8. Tech 10: Star Spirit: All Star. I mean come on. Duh.
  9. Ben 10: Reboot Revolution: Timebroker. An alien with the ability to mess with the perception of time.
  10. it is a mystery my dudes


The DecaSystem (named after the titular device of the defunct DecaSystem Tech) is an Omnitrix that also happens to be a fucking gun. The DecaSystem has various modes that can be switched between by rotating the "bullet chamber". At the start of the series, it only has the following modes:

  • Banger Mode (Yes 'Banger' is also slang for 'handgun' fight me I don't even give a h*ck): The standard bang bang shooting mode where the system functions like your standard lightweight laser gun.
  • Morphonic Mode: To transform into an alien, the user just has to switch to this mode and shoot themselves (wOAh edGY). They can transform other people if they shoot them instead but I know I wouldn't.
  • Scan Mode: In this mode, pulling the trigger will activate a scan wave that analyzes whatever's in front of the gun. If it's an alien, their DNA will be sampled and become available for use in Morphonic Mode. If it's an inanimate object or a human, it will instead copy the target's unique traits and turn it into a new mode for the DecaSystem to use.
  • Belt Mode: The DecaSystem can be folded up and attached to the waist via an auto-generated belt that it serves as the buckle to. In this mode it allows access to the system's Inventory, which is essentially a pocket dimension inside the system with a user-friendly GUI that allows said user to store or withdraw items.