Star Spirit Imaginate is the newest incarnation of the 2016 series Tech 10: Star Spirit. Acting primarily as a standalone story rather than a cap to a franchise, Imaginate is a project that looks to make the most of the ideas presented in Star Spirit that were never used to their full potential.

Imaginate exists primarily as an art project at the moment, with the possibility of it becoming a fully-written series up for debate. I've completely lost my love for writing, so I've decided that making promises centered around writing is pointless at best and outright lying at worst.

The synopsis for Imaginate is as follows:

"In the year 2040, Salt Lake City has been infected with a new plague that threatens humanity. Nanobots known as Shadow Machines infect people's bodies and forcibly infuse them with alien DNA, eventually taking over their minds and turning them into biomechanical monsters known as Shadow Rogues. In this time of chaos, two main factions face off for control of the Shadow Machines: the Plumbers, who seek to contain them, and the paramilitary Zodiac Organization, who wants to utilize them for the sake of empowering their own hybrids. Two teenagers, Theodore Logical and Nova Eldridge, are made honorary Plumbers to combat the Shadow Machines and Zodiac Organization with their own unique powers. It's a chaotic free-for-all whose end result will determine the future of mankind."

Obviously there are a lot more plot details than that but those are the basics.

Other titles I considered for the project include "Star Spirit Reimagined" (which was rejected because I already have too many failed projects starting with "Re") and "Star Spirit Imagination" (which just doesn't sound as good). The point of the title, in any case, is to remind me that this is a project meant to invoke the full extent of my imagination. It reminds me not to hold myself back on anything I don't want to just for the sake of bullshit edginess and semantics. It reminds me to make this project my own instead of conforming to what I think other people want me to make, because realistically speaking, that isn't going to work out in the long run.