The Re:Vise will have a soundtrack in the same vein as the Not Applicable movie, with some original tracks mixed in with songs from other sources. Each episode will have its own soundtrack to fit its story, but will draw from the same base pool of music. Certain characters, aliens, and forms will have their own insert themes.

Opening ThemesEdit

Alien ThemesEdit

Character ThemesEdit

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Opening SceneEdit

The first episode will have an opening scene consisting of a flashback to and incident that occurred ten years before the start of the series. Two villains later revealed to be Libra and Sagittarius attack part of a major highway during a heavy rainstorm, destroying massive amounts of infrastructure and killing people in the wreckage. One of the lives claimed is Napoleon's wife, sending him into the state of despair we see in the series that limits his use of Swarm 1 and allows Kucorbian to take over.

Isaac and Moranna are seen fighting the attackers on top of a bridge, leaving their child, Theo, in the car while they fight. They get shot before they can transform, but Isaac manages to activate the SpecTrix and transform into Tech Delta before evolving into Ultimate Tech Delta. Unfortunately, while Ultimate Tech Delta has impressive adaptation and regeneration abilities, Libra keeps exploding various blood vessels in his brain, ultimately knocking him out. Libra and Sagittarius are about to finish him off, but are interrupted by the arrival of a masked stranger who blocks their path.

Libra and Sagittarius pause for a moment because of the stranger's oddly imposing presence, shortly after which the SpecTrix begins beeping, initiating the detransformation sequence. The masked stranger turns and absorbs a tiny amount of Kunenga Energy from Ultimate Tech Delta before he reverts back to human. Sagittarius takes advantage of this by attempting to shoot the stranger in the back, but gets interrupted by the stranger abruptly turning around and knocking him and Libra out cold with a shockwave of energy, his mask lighting up as he does so.

The man stands still for a few moments staring at his hands, evidently just as surprised by this power as anyone else. We see Theo watching this turn of events unfold from inside the car, and the stranger eventually turns to meet his gaze for a second before grabbing the unconscious bodies of Libra and Sagittarius and leaving as quickly as he arrived.

Consequences of thisEdit

  • Orion is obviously the man in the mask.
  • Orion founds the Zodiac Organization shortly after this, forcibly drafting Libra and Sagittarius in as its first members as a way to pay for their crimes.
  • Theo notes how Orion is weirdly familiar upon meeting him for the first time, not fully recognizing him until he gets a good look at his eyes at some point.
  • Seeing Orion defeat Libra and Sagittarius, thus saving everyone left alive, is what ultimately inspires Theo to become a hero in the first place, resulting in one hell of a circle of irony.
  • This explains how Orion learns of Isaac and Kunenga Energy better than "he just so happened to walk into fucking Antarctica".
  • This gives Nova's mom a more plot-relevant and less cliche death than "muh cancer".
  • This makes Libra being the one to kill F3 later on even more of a kick in the dick.

Character AbilitiesEdit



  • StarTrix (S1)
    • Allows the use of Normal and Projection transformations.
  • StarTrix Requiem (S2)
    • Adds Requiem transformations.
  • Star Driver Gauntlet (S2)
    • Adds Fusion transformations.


  • Star Purge
    • AllStar purges the StarTrix's excess power in a blast of solar energy, extending his transformation time.
  • Rainbow Formation
    • A modification to Over The Rainbow's Projection Transformation AI allows it to create the Rainbow Formation, where Projection OTR splits into it separate Droplets, which each form into rings around Theo's body, enhancing him with their abilities. Orange and Blue are on Theo's right and left legs, respectively, and enhance his kicks with their burning and freezing properties. Red and Indigo are on his right and left wrists, enhancing his punches with iron strength and the ability to put enemies to sleep. Yellow and Green are on his right and left upper arms, allowing him to blind his opponents and tangle them up in small plants. Violet is on his upper torso, allowing him to rapidly heal injuries.


  • Swarm 2
    • Basically Swarm 1 but with limiters that Nova eventually breaks to unlock Super Forms.
  • Super
    • Nova's version of Burst. Now gold and white instead of red and orange!


  • Swarm 1
    • Due to falling into despair, Swarm 1 barely works for Napoleon, leaving him unable to summon the guide construct or transform.
  • Dragon Magic
    • Being the Heir of the Dragon allows Napoleon to use the primarily flame-based Dragon Magic arts. He neglects these abilities for the most part after the events of the Not Applicable RPG, but still uses Dragon Rising to balance out the effects of Burst, becoming Dragon Rising Burst.